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Default Re: Grant Hill shakes the pants off of Scottie Pippen and Dunks on him

Originally Posted by Money 23
Absolutely, good post.

Pippen was really the prototype for that point forward position.

Hill would've been the evolutionary link between Pip and the finalized EPITOME final product, LeBron James ... much the way Julius Erving was the evolutionary link between Michael Thompson, and the EPITOME final product, Michael Jordan.

Statistically he was just hitting his peak before he got that ankle injury too. It's sad we missed out on two generational defining players from the 90's Hill and Penny because of injury.

Penny falls into that category as well. I think if Penny would have stayed at PG in particular, he would have redefined that spot. Sure Magic at 6'9 really did epic shit. But Penny at 6'7 and a freakish athlete would have brought things to the table that would have redefined PG. Penny at the SG and healthy had the ability to be a top 10 GOAT SG minimum as well. But I think Penny at PG would have flat out redefined PG. I realize MJ played point at times as well as Pippen. But Penny came in the L groomed to be a PG, and had that sixth sense for passing that other big perimeter players like Bird, Magic, and Lebron had. As great of passers that MJ and Pippen were, I put them a hair or two behind guys like Penny, Bron, Magic, or Bird. MJ and Pip had similar assist numbers to guys like Bird, Penny, and Bron, but the tiebreaker for me is the flair and sixth sense it seemed Penny had.

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