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Originally Posted by Burgz V2
try and dribble the tennis ball as many times without losing it or dropping it. dont look at the tennis ball. if you cant dont it at first you can look but the point is to train from scratch without having to look at the ball

a lot of people don't make left hand layups because they havent trained their body and footwork to be comfortable in that situation. its really simple. practice your left hand layups at game speed and from different places on the court and off of different moves. again, if you cant do it at first, do it slow and work up to game speed.

i found that carrying around a basketball with me at all times helped improve my touch and feel for the ball. a lot people dont actually have bad handles, they just dont have a good feel for the ball and it forces them to lose the ball or pick up their dribble under pressure.

hope that helped. maybe post a vid of your dribbling and layups, im sure a lot of posters would give you some good feedback

then put the tennis ball in your right hand and toss it up and catch it while dribbling a basketball with your left hand. Also dribble two balls at once.

As for the layups I also agree, work on your feet and start close to the basket then move back as you become more comfortable.
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