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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Blacks are worst off in the country from a socioeconomic perspective and thus receive the most welfare. So when you have Obama and other libs offering you more welfare or less welfare ideas......which do you think that voter base would vote for? It's an extremely tough sell for Republicans right now to convince this voter block that they have a better path forward by reducing the size of government, welfare, getting off the government's tit and becoming self reliant and accountable for your path and prosperty in life. Those are conservative ideas. They can apply to people regardless of race or gender.

Are blacks any better off today from an economic perspective than they were 4 years ago? No. Actually worse off. Blacks as a socioeconomic group continue the trend towards full reliance from the federal government for meeting daily needs. This is not good. But the trend of voting for continued dependecy continues.

Hispanics are the largest growing voter base by race due to immigration (legal or illegal) and the economic opportunity immigration to the US offers. So when you have Obama and other libs offering you more "concessions" as an immigrant group or less "concessions" as an immigrant group......which do you think that voter base would vote for? The latinos that have immigrated here did it for a simple reason....a better life than where they came from. Thus, it's an extremely tough sell for Republicans to convince the hispanics as a whole that we must "shut down" the border asap and reduce our "concessions" to immigrants for the good of our nation and in the process prevent others in their racial group from also being able to execute the fastest path to a better life for them and their family...........illegal immigration to US. And once they are here they can continue to receive these "concessions" that the US Fed Govt offers (free healthcare, free education, more welfare, free citizenship for their children born here, and ultimately amnesty). Liberalism is destroying the black and Hispanic communities.

I'm much more upset with women . They were lassoed into a pool of mindless cattle that were force fed the idea that the most important thing in their life was free contraceptions and abortions. Idiot Repubs failed to
point out that under Obama 41% of women are now living in poverty. Also failed to point out that they accounted for the highest percentage of job loss. The message should have been "let Obama give you abortions, we need to give you a job".
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