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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I hate the damn baby too, it's just monumentally stupid. But it helps build a narrative for the show. Something to fight for, something pure and right, the start of the return to civility, rebuilding the population. All that shit.

They have the boy, whatever his name is. He can be the one they're fighting for, just how that girl gave them some type of hope. They can fight to keep him safe.

Also, it aint like another baby can't be had later on, they have plenty of poon to go around, any one of them can get pregnant when they're actually SAFE. A baby will only risk their lives and slow them down.

Lil b*tch'll start crying outta nowhere and get them killed. They'll risk their lives to get her some baby food cause she can't eat some possum….pfff….

If they get attacked and they have the baby they can't even defend themselves or the baby, so they're fu*cked. You gonna swing a machete while carrying a baby?
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