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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Originally Posted by LJJ
Obviously yes. One only needs to look at the current West Bank to see Israel's intentions. They are taking the West Bank bit by bit, despite very meager resistance and aggression by Palestine. One of the differences is that Israel simply wouldn't be able to overtake those countries, Israel simply isn't big enough and doesn't have the population numbers to deal with that.

More importantly though: the difference between most of those countries and the Palestinian territories is that the latter has a much larger concentration of Biblical sites. And while probably the majority of Zionist feel that they should just let the West Bank be, there is a large portion of more religiously fanatic Israeli's who feel the entire bit is theirs decreed by Yahweh. And the former group isn't really willing strongly oppose the latter group, because the unity of the population is at stake. Israel isn't as stable as many people believe: strongly cracking down in West Bank settling -which by any means is what should be happening- would create a massive divisive ripple in Israel.
You are stupid if you believe that. Israel was easily able to push to within 50 miles of Cairo in two days in a counter attack, and then turned around voluntarily, and then later gave back all conquered land to Egypt. They destroyed the entire Egyptian airforce WITH ONE ATTACK. They have defeated all surrounding Arab nations teamed up against them several times throughout history.

Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, they would all be demolished by Israel if it came to all out battle.

So what you're saying is you believe that Israelis enjoy murdering Palestinians?
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