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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Originally Posted by Nick Young
You repeatedly saying "Jews lie to fit their agenda", implying there is some Western conspiracy of lies that support Israel, implying that Israel are evil bullies who enjoy murdering palestinian babies, and defending Hamas rocket attacks with the excuse "what else are they supposed to do?" leads me to the conclusion that you are anti-semetic. Hate Crime organizations would classify these behaviors as the same thing.

Haha, what?
I have never said that "jews lie to fit their agenda", go and find something where I even wrote anything close to that. Go ahead, I'm tired of you calling me a "jew hater" and you should learn what anti-semitic is. You're totally clueless.

And I have never written that Israel are evil bulliues who enjoy killing Palestinian babies. Go back one page and stop making stupid claims, this conflict is due the actions of both sides. I don't support Hamas but people like you're doing too big deal out of Hamas and this conflict existed decades before Hamas even was founded.

I am discussing the actions of Israel, I am not writing about religion or blaming Judaism for anything. You obviously have no clue what antisemitism is and what one anti-semitic person stand for.

You don't even know how to spell "anti-semitic"...

Educate yourself, I guess that I'm suddenly anti-christan as well considering that I condemn plenty of actions of the US. How stupid doesn't that sound? It's funny that you label people as anti-semitic just because they condemn the actions of the COUNTRY Israel.

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