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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by Mr. I'm So Rad
Actually white people receive the most welfare

Gee, someone is offering you more money, which would you take? It's no different than a rich guy voting for Romney because he wants to get over on his taxes.

Yes it's a tough sell to tell a suffering person that you're going to say "Fuck them" and they have to miraculously make their own way. The world doesn't work like that anymore. We live in a set up system that you have to navigate through. You need connections. Why do you think there are a bunch of people who have college degrees and can't find work? You've never lived in the shoes of a dirt poor n!gga with nothing around him. You really have no idea what that life is like so you can't sit here and tell me it's very easy to get to what you consider success in life. It's silly when people act like there is unlimited opportunity laying around and poor people just choose to be poor. The phrase "out of touch" really does apply here.

Again, more bullshit. There are more white people on "government assistance" than black people. You think all black people just sit around and get welfare? Do you even know how much a single person gets from welfare or food stamps? It's not even that much. Everyone on welfare who's unemployed is still poor. It's not like they're buying brand new cars and shit with an EBT card.

Actually, relative to population size, blacks receive more.

But you act as if only rich people vote for republicans, when most of them are people who actually think they should work for their money. Of course people want free stuff, but what makes everyone else want to pay for it?

It's irrelevant if they want to be poor or not, if they are poor, then why is it the fault and/or the responsibility of others to make sure they can have a job?

But they can buy almost whatever you want with food stamps, it's not like it's living very hard.
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