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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

thats not justification to keep launching rockets into Israel territory then cry to the rest of the world for sympathy when they retaliate and kill 10x's as many Palestinians.
So why did you guys cried to the world for sympathy when the Muslims retaliated and blowed up the twin towers?
Originally Posted by insidehoops
But as for what you said, that Israel "stole a country" -- that's just FACTUALLY INCORRECT.

Palestine was NEVER a country. It was a land territory.
So they stole land instead of a country, yes completely different.

And I quoted someone that based his opinion on facts and world history that everyone acknowledges, many of it from Jewish literature. So if you wanna say someone is wrong, please don't say it's me.

IT's old news? It's 2012? Survival of the fittest? Why don't you guys try to rape a women and when the cops show up the next day, you can't tell them, it's old news, it's been a day, survival of the fittest. And just because the cops don't show that doesn't make you less of a rapist.

I love how right wint christian idiots are stuck on the 15th century and then act suprised how people don't vote in them.

It's the 21 century, you don't take land, you give it, Spain, Portugal, UK, they all gave up their colonies, shit even the East Timor got their independece, US decides to make a beachhead on the middle east.

There's no solution? The solution is pretty simple, why don't israel give back the land that stole? Why don't they got back to the original UN resolution? The one that gave palestinians 1\3 third of the land despite being 2\3 of the population? The palestinias leaders already made their Mea Culpa and said it was a mistake not accept that deal, despite being a robbery on it's own.

Israel ain't leaving? let's see how they do without their big brother behind them. I'm sure Egipt, Siria and Jordan didn't forget the land that was stole from them.
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