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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
Why the hell would Israel agree to go back to the original UN partition? It's moronic to think that would and even more so to think that they should. That partition doesn't matter. It was never accepted by Palestinians. As for the land of palestine being "stolen" when do you consider it to have been stolen? Historically it has been controlled by either group at multiple different times throughout history. So the militant control gained prior to the creation of Israel by the Muslims is valid but anything after that isn't? Foolish

The Wiki article actually gives a pretty good outline of the situation:

Even Israel's official, outwardly communicated policy is that the current settlement activity is wrong and against international law. The problem is that they don't actively do anything to stop it and actually do plenty to endorse it. That is the root of why you see people like me calling the current activities of Israel deceitful and disgusting. It would be one thing for Israel to state "Okay we officially oppose the Geneva Convention agreements now, we defy agreed upon international law and we will annex most of the West Bank". That would at least be honest. It's an entirely different thing to say to the international community that they abide by the Geneva Convention, they abide by international law and they really do want peace between Palestine and Israel, but then still proceed to annex the West Bank anyway. Which is exactly what they are doing now.

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