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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by Math2
The attitude of conservatives (at least me) is that why should I, as someone who earned my money, pay for someone who can't. If I can earn my money, why is it my responsibility to make sure you can earn money.

I realize you can't buy anything on food stamps, hence the almost before it. Again, why should I have to pay for someone else's food?

Sad how some people have NO concept of community or human decency. I know America is based on an individualistic mindset, but republicans are flat out greedy people who only consider themselves..

America was built by people working TOGETHER, and helping their fellow countrymen when needed.

the programs that republicans deride as 'gifts' are mostly the same programs that helped build America in during the 40's and 50's (baby boom generation)

Nowadays since new people are trying to use those same programs that helped Americans in the past, to help themselves today? Now republicans have bought into this huge lie that people make it on their own

They demonize the poor, minorities, women, and whoever else they feel they can get away with

but the good news is that GOP got slapped in the face by the American public this time

The good news is that GOP now has a price to pay for being soo disrespectful to soo many people.

They used be able to race bait and demonize without it hurting them in elections.. Well those days are over and Oreilly and all the FOX sad faced clowns are crying the blues because "traditional" America is dead

thank god

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