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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by Dolphin
Gov't policies are put into place for a reason. For these policies to be retracted, there has to be evidence that not only will said retractions not be a detriment to a large portion of society, but actually benefit the people who may have benefited from the previous policies. Until someone such as Math2 can provide empirical evidence that altering certain policies will be much more beneficial to more Americans, then it's really a lost cause. They like to talk theories, but remember, a lot of these theories were put into practice long ago and yet they didn't have staying power for a reason....while other theories have never been more than that. I'd love empirical evidence that all this talk is backed by some form of hard facts that can be applied to the largest of scales, which America is.

Then again, If Math2 doesn't even care to provide such evidence because he's not concerned about the welfare of others and is truly only concerned about himself, then I'm sorry to say his only hope to live the life he wants doesn't include him living in America. lol


I don't know how much time I wasted in this thread trying to get any sort of empirical data or anything tangible that backs up any of the bullshit being spewed by certain people here. Only got theories that either have no basis in reality or have been debunked thoroughly already. But some still cling to these nonsensical, unproven, misguided regurgitated ramblings that are pushed by faux news glorified talk show hosts.

Many people have this myth playing in their heads of what America used to never existed. What many people are looking for may exist somewhere else in this world. I'm sure many others would be glad if those "traditionalists" went searching for it.

The 'traditional America' that some of these guys envision only existed on tv shows like Leave it to Beaver. What does that even mean, really, 'traditional America'? Where do you stop the timeline on that- before or after slavery, segregation, the suffragette movement, Indigenous genocide, etc? I know a lot of these neo-secessionists' idea of the ideal 'traditional America' includes them owning Black people and their home maker, baby factory wives not having the right to vote
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