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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Yeah, I don't really dig the way they've introduced Michonne and The Governor. This dual personality thing of the Governor just feels kind of weird. He's flat out crazy from the jump in the comics. But it seems like they're going to explore starting in the next episode. I guess I can sort of get it, the universe of the show is more civil than the comics, for obvious reasons, so a guy's got to build a community by being this on the surface charismatic nice guy. Still feels like it's been too slow a reveal though, maybe that's just because I'm predisposed to a more Mad Max kind of style Walking Dead.

Michonne on the show just doesn't work so far. She's nothing but a pissed off lady with a sword who glowers at people and looks constipated. I was kind of afraid of this when they said she'd be in this season, it's too cartoony for the show. And I don't know if the actress is good in whatever else, but she's pretty bad.
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