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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

Originally Posted by Derka
Islam hasn't worked under a "it says this in the Qu'ran, therefore it is" kind of system in centuries in most parts of the world. Absolutism left Islam behind long ago.

Everything in the Qu'ran is subject to interpretation by imams and mullahs of hundreds of different persuasions. They more or less they get to tell adherents what parts of Holy Qu'ran do and don't matter and its entirely dependent on the interpreter's opinion. Furthermore, believers aren't allowed to question these guys

Yeah, Muhammad said that suicide is not good in the eyes of Allah, but that doesn't matter to a child whose local imam tells him that the prophet also says he should devote himself body and soul to the struggle for Islam and uses THAT interpretation to twist suicide bombing into a legitimate course of action.

Fuse that kind of influence with the abject conditions that a lot of these people come get sanctioned suicide bombers.

And the prophet is supposed to be the example that was set. If these people want to fight the Israelis then there should be a honorable way of doing it and not brainwashing children who mostly come from poverty.
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