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Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
I sense this show will go the same direction as the Killing did, pulling the rug out one too many times and viewers going "f*ck this."

But yeah, don't like where this is headed. And yes, the fact that a FCKING HELICOPTER LANDED, PICKED UP 3 TERRORISTS, AND TOOK THEM TO A MEETING WITH ABU NAZIR and the CIA had no assets or couldn't find any to track it is just. Ugh.

It's nowhere near as bad as The Killing. At least the people in this show can act.

Nothing she did in that episode was less believable than the idea of a private helicopter flying totally undected with the CIA unable to track it, landing in the suburbs of DC, and zipping off. And then meeting up with Abu Nazir? How many times after 9/11 do you think Osama Bin Laden was being driven around in luxory vehicles to warehouses just outside the nations capitol.

yeah. Helicopters draw a lot of attention. And they tend to show up on radar. So do you Abu Nazr rents or leases his aircraft?
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