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Default Kobe is the best player on the Lakers, not Dwight.

before the season began, everyone was underrating Kobe, talking like he was an old man just playing the role of a role player. like Dwight is the greatest superstar. people saying that if Lakers win, Dwight will get FMVP.

well, if you're watching the games this year, it's totally the opposite. Kobe RUNS the Lakers, he is their best and most important player. Dwight is great, don't take me wrong, but when Kobe sits and it's only Dwight, Lakers suck. it's like watching the Orlando Magics without shooters.

when kobe comes in, the team works again. shooters are shooting, dwight and paul are scoring. if he plays like this- he's going to get MVP, FMVP, and be the best player of his 6th championship ring.
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