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Default Re: Washington Wizards

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Noel's similar in playing style, not in talent. He could be worth a #1 pick in this draft, but he's no superstar like Davis'll be. Davis is immensely more well rounded and just smarter on the floor. All the physical gifts in the world, but I wouldn't wanna be the GM putting my rep on the line drafting him #1.

Noel is extremely raw but at worst he is a Serge Ibaka type of player. Doesn't have much offensive skill but his basketball IQ in terms of knowing where to be defensively along with his shot blocking will make him a factor.

Only downside is I don't think he has the frame to put on weight to be a Center in the NBA. He has narrow shoulders, skinny legs & no girth in his hips. Physically he is built like a volleyball player and will get pushed around at times by NBA Centers.
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