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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I want roster restrictions because it makes the waiver wire much more interesting and also makes for more of a challenging game. It would be especially simple considering practically everyone has agreed that this league has gone beyond the meager settings available in a free Yahoo league and we will likely be moving to CBSSportsline next year.

It also prevents people from doing what you're describing.
it prevents actual strategy and game play?...what it does is force a certain roster on you, and gives the player less options...less activity required, less thinking, etc

If you want a deep waiver wire, just remove one bench spot from everyone...forcing a person to take certain positions doesn't make the wavier wire deeper at all...if I take 5 QBs, then that means more WRs and RBs out there...If I take 5 Defenses, I am putting everything else out is all relative, the benches are going to get filled up regardless, the only way to make the waiver wire deeper is to make the benches smaller.
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