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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Ya, I just flat out disagree with RBA on this. I don't want to put more players on waivers. If you're having to go to the FA heap, you SHOULD have to get creative. It SHOULD be challenging to find a worthwhile play. If there's obviously good options out there on waivers all the time, you're rewarding the owners with bad teams. If you failed to craft a deep roster through your draft and earlier waiver moves, that's on you. The good teams shouldn't have to coddle the bad teams by being forced to drop good players that they were smart enough to pick up.

Now what I do think we definitely need is FAAB, and/or continuous waivers. I don't know if this is what happened, but PT shouldn't get an award for simply being faster to his computer than Illini. But if they had both had equal opportunities to get those QB's, and PT had simply bid more FAAB, I'd consider it a great move. Part of fantasy football is playing keep away from your opponents. You don't just ignore making pickups once you think you're starting lineup is set, you want to keep good players out of other people's lineups.
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