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Default Re: GOAT Full Court and Half Court players? Players who excelled in both styles of play?

Originally Posted by Toizumi
In the full/open court, my top 3 is:
1. Magic
Nobody rivals him in terms of passing on the fast break, with his crazy no looks. He was both fast and quick, great court vision and an awesome finisher as well. It helped that he had some great guys running with him.
2. LeBron
Second to only Magic in my opinion. He is crazy fast on the break and steamrolls through anything. Impossible to stop when he's going full speed to the basket. He has great court vision as well.
3. Pippen
Very creative finisher, who could change speed and direction easily. Great finisher and passer and with his length and athleticism, he was scary. It was either Pip or MJ at 3 for me.

Half court is tough to rank, it depends on whether you go with bigs or guards..
You have players like MJ, Kobe, Bird who were able to destroy a defense from both inside as well as from the perimiter, with their passing, ball handling and shooting and players like TD, Shaq, Kareem, Wilt who were destructive in the post. Russell deserves mention because the whole offense seemed to run through him from the post/high block. Great passing, team play and also scoring from tim to time.

MJ was the best when it came to both full and half court/overall game in my opinion. He could ruin a defense in half court and run the floor as well as anybody.

Your full-court list would be identical to mine man. Great picks
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