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Default Baby born with heart outside her chest [strong footage]

Be warned video with strong footage in link

A mother in Texas gave birth to a baby with the heart outside of the chest and according to the article she was informed of this when she was 16 weeks pregnant and had the option to make an abortion

I was told that it is a very rare condition and that the survival rates are really low and that if she did survive they don't know what kind of life she will have," she said.

"They gave me the option to terminate the pregnancy, continue with the pregnancy and do something called comfort care at the time of delivery, where instead of doing anything painful to her or do surgery they let you spend as much time with her until she passes, or opt for a high-risk surgery to help repair the heart, Cardenas

The baby survived thank god for that and I'm very happy for the mother who seems like great person but in that situation isn't better to just have an abortion? There was a possibility she would carry a baby for nine month just so that she would come out dying or even worse die during surgery.

Anyway happy for the outcome.


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