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Originally Posted by 2swift4u
well it depends whether you have a court to work out or whether you just practice at home or somewhere. On a court you could use cones or chairs to simulate defenders and dribble around them and then finish at the rim. try to practice sudden changes of direction on as little space as possible, do crossovers etc and then go for a layup. Do each drill to both sides using both hands. And yes you should work a lot on your left handed layups. It's really important that you can finish with both hands because very often defenders will make you go to your weaker hand. If you do layups from the left side with your right hand they're easier to block. so try to always use your left hand (unless you have a uncontested layup)

I'm sure you can find a lot of ball handling exercises on youtube.

yeah i go to the y and usually they dont have any body there. id feel like a fool practicing dribbling at the y
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