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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

GSP has been winning all of his recent fights by decision (three years five fights). The second he gets somebody on his level he's not going to last. He's like Sonnen, except a lot weaker, with no finishing power you aren't going to keep winning against other great talent. He's been a lot stronger than his opponents and unlike other guys, who are eager to prove they are great, GSP knows his limitation and never goes up in weight where he knows he looses that advantage. Silva is like GSP in that he's bigger and stronger than guys in his weight division. Silva beat a great wrestler in Dan Henderson - who beat the heavyweight legend Fedor.

GSP doesn't have the same chin as Silva. GSP has also been surprised by strikes as well. GSP's lack of finishing power also sets him up to hit by a strike, as going 5 rounds with Silva is rare.
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