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Default Re: Week 12 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by Godzuki
Jets are so bad

sad thing is it seems like theres no accountability there due to Woody Johnson being in such full support of whatever Tannenbaum and Rex do, and the excuse of losing Revis/Holmes. they probably don't want to fire Rex eitheer but he's the one that refuses to make a QB change, and is constantly wrong on his(and Tannenbaum's) evaluation of talent. every year Rex talks so much shit and with so much blowing smoke up the asses of the overrated players he has, and they continue to underwhelm every year. everyone else seems to know these players Rex thinks are top players at their position(Holmes, Greene) or standing by Sanchez(even tho most others know he was awful for years). and they bank the rest of their hopes around a CB it seems

i think NFL teams, or more specifically some coaches are some of the most hard-headed, uncompromising, and often unwilling to change until things become desperate people anywhere. its the same with Jax refusing to play Henne over Gabbert until it became way too obvious fortunately thru another Gabbert injury. meanwhile it was obvious before that Henne should be playing over him. i swear a lot of NFL coaches think they know, but are often wrong and people give them way too much credit for supposedly knowing who can play and who can't. i can't see Tebow doing much worse than Sanchez in terms of effectiveness. their run game would improve and while the pass game might suffer, at least he won't be making all of those TO's Sanchez does. too bad it'll probably take a Sanchez injury for it to happen knowing how hard-headed stubborn Rex and a lot of conservative defensive based coaches like him are
Keeping gabbert over henne is a good idea why would you want henne when he gives the best chance to win meaningless game and will never be the answer to your QB problem and will cost you draft spots?
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