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Default Re: Floyd Maywether v Oscar De La Hoya countdown has started

I will change my opinion... I thought Mayweather would dominate but looking how much Golden boy is in shape like he was in his early career days I think it will be a better fight. Also its a small ring.

This is about matchups... De la hoya has to change his style not to be so flat footed and box. If he does that it will go the distance. Mayweather should still win on points but I cant really see him knocking De La Hoya out if he reverts to his golden boy ways. If its the De La Hoya of the past few years Mayweather can knock him out or win a unanimous decision. It depends on what De La Hoya shows up. Mayweather must establish his jab and dont depend on De La Hoya to initiate. If De La Hoya is agressive Mayweather will tortue him with his speed and countering. If De La Hoya comes out with latino heat he surely may get to Mayweather sometimes but the punishment he will eat will be incredible....

Mayweather in a unanimous decision.
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