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Default Re: How does Gortat fit onto this Thunder team.

Originally Posted by Carbine
That's not the reality of it though. That's what YOU think they should do, but Presti has made it very clear with trading Harden for Martin + young assets that he's willing to sacrifice a little something now for a much higher chance of continuing to put good players around the core of the team.

If they give up those two assets Presti is not being consistent. If he was in win now mode, Harden goes nowhere. It's highly highly unlikely that he would now turn around and trade those young, cheap assets and go in win now mode.
That depends on what they think Gortat will provide next year and his price after that. Everyone knew Harden was going to get a max deal from someone and OKC clearly didn't value him that way. It depends on what they forecast with Gortat's production and price.

I think it would be incredibly stupid for them to hang onto all of these young assets (Lamb, Jones, the lottery pick) when they are clearly built for multiple titles runs right now. Their value to OKC currently should be as trade assets. Having a core of Durant and Westbrook is something you must take advantage of.
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