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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
What does FA stand for, out of curiosity? Do you mean FO (front office)?

RG3 is admittedly worked out way better for Washington so far than I could have ever imagined. He is a very gifted player. I mean, I knew that going into the draft, which is why I wanted the Browns to get him, but I didn't think he would have this kind of impact right out of the gates. One thing I will say is this... I feel like he landed in a perfect situation as far as the coaching is concerned. A lot of his success this year is due to the offensive scheme which has been developed around his skillset and Shanahan is to be commended for that.

It is essentially a more complicated version of the Baylor offense he thrived in.

Had it been the Browns who moved up and got him at No. 2, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that something so drastic with the scheme would not have happened. Shurmur and Co. are very committed to the West Coast Offense and he would have had to adjust to their scheme... Whereas Shanahan very shrewdly adjusted his scheme to fit the talent of RG3.

At the end of the day, I feel like it worked out for both teams thus far. Despite neither having a very good record, Washington has found its franchise QB and a scheme that has highlighted and will continue to highlight his greatest strengths.

The Browns picked up a cornerstone to their offense in Richardson, who has very quietly had a tremendous rookie year... And even Weeden, a pick I despised, has been successful thus far considering the circumstances, imo. Then, you have Josh Gordon... A guy who looks to have the potential of an elite WR and we got him in the second round of the supplemental draft... A pick we absolutely would not have had if we made the RG3 deal.

Other great pickups like Mitchell Schwartz, who has an argument for best rookie offensive lineman in the league this year, also would have never been on the team if the deal had been made. And, still other impactful rookies like Billy Winn, John Hughes, Travis Benjamin and Trevin Wade... most of those guys would probably not be here either. The 2012 draft, at least so far, has been VERY good for the Browns. Lots of guys contributing heavily already.

If you told me right now the Browns could have RG3 for Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden, Mitchell Scwartz, Josh Gordon, and next year's No. 1 pick, I'm not sure I do it. Yes, I know how important getting your franchise QB is. Yes, I know RG3 has been insanely good this year.

But, I'm not sure he would have had the same success in Cleveland (actually, I flat-out don't think he would) and it would have essentially wiped away what was a very good draft for the Browns (those later picks likely wouldn't have been made, because we would have had to fill other needs with no 1sts or 2nds).

When all was said and done, the Redskins got a certified beast in exactly the right situation for him to succeed, the Rams are now loaded down with picks and young talent to become a contender a couple years down the road, and the Browns used those picks they would have had to give up to become what I think is a very talented young team that could do something in the next few years.

Of course you'd do it. Even with all those playes you're still one of the worst teams in the league and probably will continue to be so unless Weeden becomes a top 10ish quarterback, and I have my doubts.

With RG3 you'd have the next 10-12 years where you knew the guy behind center was capable of spectacular things and a guy who the rest of the team and city could have temendous confidence in. A franchise QB is the most valued commodity in football by far, a true superstar even more so. Look at what he has done for Washington, a team riddled with injuries and not great talent to begin with.

Trent isn't having a quietly tremendous rookie year either. He has been dinged up, averaging 3.7 yards a carry and 3 fumbles. May not reach 1000 yards rushing.
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