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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

I'm on a prestige movie run this long weekend, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Went to an early morning show of Life of Pi, in 3D BTX, and there were maybe a half dozen people there.

It was excellent. Even got a little dusty in the theatre in spots. Knowing very little about the story going in was a real treat. I was going to read the book based on recommenations on here based on some other stuff I liked, but with the commercials coming fast, I knew I wouldn't beat the movie, so I never did read it, even though it's sitting on my shelf. I intend to now.

It did contain some of the most stunning images I've seen on film in years, and it deserves whatever awards it gets in those fields. It's sad and touching and joyous all at once, and among the very best things I've seen this year. You've certainly got to let yourself go to really enjoy it. It reminded me of Big Fish in that way, it's certainly a parable.

I highly recommend it, I'd give it a low to mid 90s.
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