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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

I liked Skyfall and you pointed out the obvious flaws. But the ending left a lot to be desired. Muskets vs Automatic weapons

I really enjoy the human element of this Bond series without all the go-go gadgets. The background story wasnt that bad plus failing the Spy test made it more humane. IMHO Less Batman more Human.

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Saw Skyfall last night, and was really pleased with it. It's definitely got some flaws. But the some of the set pieces were excellent, and the it's really stunning to look at. It's probably the best looking movie I've seen all year. The Shanghai scene against the jellyfish backlight was incredible. The casino scene looked exquisite, even though the Gila Monster was absurd. The boat was gorgeous, and the island as well. It starts to turn kind of mucky after that when they get back to London, but it does pick up out in the swamps again, as far as visual appeal. And I'm not a huge Mendes fan in general, but I was really impressed with how this looked.

I thought Bardem was spectacular. The guy is always great, but he made some really unique choices that I just don't see other people making. I'd love to know if the homosexual vibe he was throwing out was directed, of if it was just a choice he made on his own.

My gripes are a few that I'm sure people have made before. They could've invested in a computer consultant, because their notion of the internet, and computers in general, seemed to come straight out of the 80s. It was like the same software being used in Weird Science and Wargames thirty years ago. Even physically they seemed to go with a series of racks with christmas lights on them for what I'm guessing were "servers".
It's more than fair to say that this movie is heavily "influenced" by other stuff. It's pretty much the same structure of the current Batman format. Right down to the Q character, and going back to the old mansion, the old carekeeper. The captured Bardem scene is obviously very Hannibal Lector. But I'm not mortified by any of that stuff. Just wish it was more innovative.
And honestly I could live with not innovative with more Bond feel than Batman. I could've lived without the dark orphaned background story. I like my James Bond cooller than cool. I don't need to feel bad for him. I just don't want to. They even make a couple inside jokes about it. Q saying that they don't go in for the exploding cigarrette gadgets these days ... why not? That's part my James Bond experience.

Overall it was a winning experience. I'd give it a mid 80s, and recommend it highly to action fans. And I could see this getting a cinematography nod easily. I'd go so far as to say it should.
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