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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by Pacers4ever
If you're the redskins you take RG3 without hesitation and not sure why you are including all the draft picks from cleveland and not washington's but alfred morris > Trent dancingson this season. And if I was cleveland I would trade for redskins draft board too.
What do you mean not including the skins picks? I went through the picks we would have had to give up to move to No. 2. Not sure what Washington's other picks have to do with that. And, give me TRich over Alf all day every day.

The numbers don't really even favor Alf and Trent has been hurt pretty much all season.

Alf - 11 games, 982 yards rushing, 42 yards receiving, 6 TDs

TRich - 10 games, 670 yards rushing, 289 yards receiving, 6 TDs

Total yardage and TDs are almost exactly even and Alf has played a full game more. Give me Trent six days a week and twice on Sunday.
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