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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by bokes15
Another big trade under the belt.

Funk Gets: D. Howard, Waiters, George Hill
Bokes Gets: CP3, Reddick, DeAndre Jordan

Essentially, the main cogs of this trade were Paul and Howard. We went back and forth for awhile over the players to send along with them. funk actually overall improves in more categories than I do. But especially for his areas of need. Points, 3's, rebounds. But for me I really needed that FT% to improve and Howard was killing me there so I had to shop him around. I think we both tried to make the trade such that he wouldn't lose TOO many assists and I wouldn't lose TOO many boards and blocks. Anyways, i'm happy with the trade. My team has overgone a complete overhaul.

Persoanlly I think this deal was a total steal for you, but that's not why I'm asking this.

What are you basing that bolded comment on? I think I commented on this before but I can't remember and maybe this doesn't apply here. But if it's based on that evaluator button, I think people need to be careful using it (to accept or reject a deal). Some of the projections I have seen from that are way way off.
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