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Default Re: PA College Slashes Instructors' Hours to Avoid Obamacare.

Originally Posted by boozehound
what exactly are you basing this on? All of the various projections suggest that obamacare, as flawed as it is, will see an overall savings. Included in this is are some of the various measures already in place, such as the mandate that a certain % of your premium has to be used towards actual medical costs. Shocking, amirite?

As usual, you come in here a complete blowhard, with no substantive points or even wiki CnP's that support your argument.

There is a reason why we pay the highest cost (by a long shot) for the 28th? best care in the world. There is a reason why healthcare is 20% of the entire economy, and much of it is middleman bullshit industries that dont really do much. There is a reason why the shitty little country of cuba can negotiate better drug prices than bluecross/blueshield. There is a reason why we are the only country with such an antiquated and parasitic healthcare industry still in place.

You have no real points. My point I'm making is that health care is going to cost more now. Why? If you can't figure that out....You're crazy.

As the government implements more regulations and mandates (26 years old on parent's plan, must accept preexisting conditions), health care goes up. It's not like having the company accept almost everyone is going to lower costs.
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