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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
To make that bold of a statement about Morris over Richardson is a little insane in the membrane to me. (insane in the brain) Richardson's a monster and really isn't in the best case scenario right now.

How is it a bold statement right now? Morris is doing better and it's like he has some sort of great OL to run behind. Maybe Richardson will have the career (if you're looking past this year then I'd probably go with him), but for now this season, I'd go with Morris. Seems like Richardson is getting more love just because he was one of the top picks out of Alabama while Morris was a late round pick out of Florida Atlantic (and because of what RBs have done under Shanny in the past). He's impressed me a good deal, but the naysayers want to bring him down...

Cleveland's offense is dogshit and Richardson's the only thing they have. Cleveland's a little easier to plan against than Rg3, Morris and co.

Our top 2 receivers have missed most of our games, and our offense has been about as bad as Cleveland's has over the past couple years (until this year of course).
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