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Default Re: PA College Slashes Instructors' Hours to Avoid Obamacare.

Originally Posted by JMT
Please explain how college costs have risen because the government is paying a higher percentage of the costs, because that's the point you're attempting to make in your first paragraph.

People DO pay insurance companies. It's been included in the facts I presented from the start. What they clearly show is that, while the government and private insurers have seen their share of the costs increase dramatically in the last 50 years, the share that consumers pay has decreased by 50%, all while household income has risen by 150% (even nearly doubling when factoring in inflation). Reading; it's fundamental.

No, my argument is that in the long term, eliminating the drain that the uninsured place on all of us will offset the initial costs of implementing the program. And regulation of the marketplace, instead of the unchecked increases in pricing that insurance companies have been allowed to engage in for decades, will work together to keep prices from inflating at the "worst ever" levels that you continue to claim will occur without a single fact to back it up. Preventive care has been proven to reduce individual costs and the incidence of catastrophic care, which is a huge aspect of why health care costs have run amok.

Simple supply/demand. There are more people able to pay for it now, so that raises prices for everyone else.

I'm not sure that your data includes money paid to insurance companies, and couldn't find any evidence that they did on their site, or the source they cited.
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