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Default Re: PA College Slashes Instructors' Hours to Avoid Obamacare.

Originally Posted by Math2
Simple supply/demand. There are more people able to pay for it now, so that raises prices for everyone else.

I'm not sure that your data includes money paid to insurance companies, and couldn't find any evidence that they did on their site, or the source they cited.

No, it's well beyond simple supply/demand. That's the "talking point". The reality is that there are strict regulations put in play against insurance companies.

Under the new act, in every state and for the first time under federal law, insurance companies are required to publicly justify any rate increase of over 10%.

Additionally, insurance companies must provide consumers greater value by spending generally at least 80 percent of premium dollars on health care and quality improvements instead of overhead, executive salaries or marketing. If they don’t, they must provide consumers a rebate or reduce premiums.

In Colorado, using one example, 208,197 Colorado residents with private insurance coverage will benefit from $27,452,769 in rebates from insurance companies this year. These rebates will average $227 for the 121,000 families in Colorado covered by a policy.

So... Caps on rate increases. More premium dollars going to healthcare, not administrative fees. Covering preventive services with no deductible or copay. Removing lifetime caps on benefits for people with serious illnesses. Creating new options for those with pre-existing conditions.

All those factors tap into the insurance companies pockets. The trade off is they'll get to sell more policies.

Regulates the insurance industry. Insures more people. Encourages preventive instead of emergency care. Results in fewer people indigent, declaring bankruptcy or on government assistance because they've run out of health care benefits.

In no way is there any indication that it results in your stance that "even though health care costs have been rising, they will rise much, much faster now that Obamacare is law".

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