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Default Re: PA College Slashes Instructors' Hours to Avoid Obamacare.

Originally Posted by JMT
So your reply to facts is "Candyland" and supposition?

Who do you think pays for old people now? Working age people. That will never change.

High risk people? You pay for them now in spiraling premiums due to the amount that providers have to pay to provide coverage to the uninsured.

And I've never said it wouldn't raise premiums. I've simply addressed your ridiculous assertion that health care costs will go up more than ever before because of the law.

You're in over your head. I spend every single day as an advocate for people with a select group of orphan diseases who require life long therapy that ranges into the tens of thousands monthly. My time is spent dealing directly with real world cases, not "Candyland" doomsday scenarios. Private insurance, government funded programs, people denied due to pre-existing conditions, people facing financial ruin due to inefficient or inadequate health care. All on a daily basis.

Throw out all the catch phrases you want. You don't understand the far reaching implications of the law and instead want to hang your hat on the invisible loopholes you're so certain exist in your "Candyland".

Fine, if you are an expert on health care, then educate me. Who pays for the uninsured then?

All of the provisions I mentioned set up the situation that will drastically raise rates. What invisible loopholes did I mention?

Candyland is the place Obama is taking us in this bill by introducing even more unsustainable regulations that hurt everyone. Sounds nice to people who don't care about the impacts.

What invisible loopholes? Why the post edit?
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