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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by GOBB
No it seems like people with two eyes watched Richardson beast in college.

There's a big difference between college and the NFL. There's been a lot of players who looked great in college that didn't look so great in the NFL.

He's the most talented RB to come out since Adrian Peterson with his combination of speed, power, vision, versatility.

Peterson went for over 1,300 yards with a 5.6 ypc in his rookie season, and the ol' 'Richardson is the only offense they have' excuse doesn't fly since Peterson was the only offense the Vikes had, too. Peterson performed, Richardson hasn't yet.

Agree to disagree but dont act like people say Trich by default as if they have no knowledge of how good he is. Seems that you are biased on your opinion which is fine and understandable. No one is bringing him down, just saying he isnt better than Trich.

He is better this year, but somehow I'm the biased one... I could say you all are being biased because Richardson came from the precious SEC and was a high draft pick.
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