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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by DaHeezy
Nobody is kicking you out. You're very much welcome to post. But saying you're anitcipating a few more events suggest that the prison will still be a signifcant portion of later episodes. Who knows, they may abandon the prison all together since the Govenor knows of it's existance. The fact that you have referenced to comic many times in the other thread may lead people to believe that.
But my apologies if that was not your intention. just want to keep this clear of the comics and any of it's references

I had no intentions of doing such things, as my post clearly didn't infer anything else other than 'events'. Those events could be anything, but I am looking forward to a few things.

That being said, I thought it was interesting that rick decided to just go, he left the prisoners with a woman who was just dehydrated for a period of time and a newborn?

I'm confused as to why the hell maggie needs to ask to talk to glenn when the walls are clearly thin enough to just start yelling, unless they need to whisper(?).

Now for those of you experiencing *just* the TV show, what are your thoughts on the Governor?
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