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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

So this story looks to get very interesting from here on to the next pre-season for various reasons:

1) Alex Smith is, rightly, pissed. He's really nice, and a team guy, but how long can he hold out before he explodes? Especially if say Kap cools off?

2) What happens IF Kap cools off? You have a QB who has been a top QB this season sitting. You can't ignore that if Colin starts playing like a rookie.

3) If they get to the playoffs but lose the first game, all of the sudden the floodgates of "I told you so" open up. This was a Superbowl contender last year with Alex, and the team has supposedly gotten better since then. That'd be an utter failure in most eyes.

4) If bridges have been burned, what happens in the off season?
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