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Default Re: Damn Look At This Chick's Booty!!!!

Originally Posted by DMV2
What's with the stereotype that only black men love big booty girls? I thought every man love asses . Even gays too, they like asses for a reason!

I love ass so much that I'd fck with a tranny ass too.

Came from the dumbass 5'11" 115 lb hipless man-jawed cutting edge sharp model look in the 90s which was some clown's idea of beauty. People forget their instincts and their forebrain sees that as popular and perceives that as beautiful herp derp. And I'm no spokesmen for fat girls.. just saying that supermodel stuff doesn't give u AS BIG OF A HARD-ON

as some 5'4" 125 lb hottie with lotsa T and A and softer features

All men dig .7 waist-hip ratios.

From. Da. Dawn. Of. Time.

That's why they wore corsets to make their asses and hips look bigger and waist look smaller. The epitome of feminine beauty. IT's only in the very recent past that things took a turn for the dive.
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