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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

does anyone else think Jon Embree at CU got a raw deal?

He came into a huge mess post Hawkins and had no realistic shot at early success.

The facilities are behind most Pac12 teams partially due to all the campus rape issues the last several years destroying alumni giving.

He had the smallest budget of BCS teams for his coaching staff and was the lowest HC salary out of all BCS schools. He only made 750k per year which is lower than many Sun Belt HCs and even some coordinators at BCS schools.

Plus they are a state with little talent to recruit from and they are transitioning to Cali from Texas as their major source of players which takes time due to having to build relationships with all the high school coaches.

They seemed to be slowly improving by the end of the year (especially when Hirschman became starting QB) and he has done an excellent job restoring the teams reputation by getting their grades way up and getting rid of thug trouble makers that had been causing so many issues over the years.

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