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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
Eh, I wouldn't say Embree was improving much at all based on how much I followed them, they played pretty good against Utah in the final game last week, but Utah is also a pretty bad team also outside of a RB & Star Lotulelei.

I don't think 2 years was enough time to give a fair assessment. However apparently Embree was unwilling to get rid of his coordinators, which I don't understand. Because both the DC & OC were terrible.

Colorado's football program is a train wreck.

Probably wanted to be fired. With such low salaries, it wasn't like he would get known good DC's and OC's to come there with him being a lame duck so better to fall on his sword, get the buy out and get a coordinator job somewhere else and begin repairing his rep.
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