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Default Re: Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

Originally Posted by ihoopallday
What if one of these people was carrying a gun. A comment on YouTube said Brazil gun laws are really pathetic.

Never trust people from youtube comments. Civilians can't walk around with guns in Brazil (it's actually a crime to do so). By law, a regular person can only have a gun (assault rifles, uzis and shite like that can be only used by the military) at home or work. Even to transport it from place to place, you have to get a special autorization. And to be able to own a gun at home, you have to make physiological tests, prove that you have never been to jail and take shooting lessons.

So, why does people (bad guys) have guns in Brazil? They are criminals, breaking laws is common for them...

And this show is famous in Brazil. Nowadays, they usually tell the person they will be doing a job interview, so that way they can track down if the person is violent, it he/she has ever faced jailtime and so on.

EDIT: In the past, like the clip redblack posted, they did not care about lawsuits as they do today, so that background check I explained did not exist.

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