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Default Re: Can Nolan make Superman not boring?

Originally Posted by TheMan
The thing that gets me is that Superman is just way too powerful and the only thing that fvcks him up is kryptonite
Superman's issues in order to relate to the audience should be internal.

Identity issues, using his extreme abilities for right or wrong, etc.

There are other enemies besides Lex Luthor and the use of kryptonite. There are Superman villains that can challenge him physically. There are plots that push Superman to the limit without the use of kryptonite. I'm going to chalk this statement up to ignorance of the source material.

Originally Posted by TheMan
SMH at Lois Lane not recognizing Kent as Superman because of a pair of glasses

For me this is the hardest part of the mythology to swallow. Even more difficult then him being a Moses like alien character from planet "Krypton"

Wonder how this will be addressed. It's easily the biggest aspect needed for suspension of disbelief within the material. For me at least.
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