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Default Re: Gasou for Bargnani and Calderon...

I think this deal makes sense for both sides except I wouldnt include Jose Id peddle someone else and I think we could get the better of the deal simply ala AA Blue Jays simply cuz Gasol makes so much money and is considered expendable. And before people start posting about how he is overpaid let me just say what do you care are you paying his salary? its about time the Raptors started spending like the big boys. We play like we pay and right now we are in the bottom half of payrolls hence bottom half of the standings.

Great post by the way I think its time BC realized what everyone else in Toronto already knows, Bargnani is not a good basketball player other then being a 7footer who has a decent pull up J and can "sometimes" hit the open 3 he sucks.
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