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Default Re: Gasol for Bargnani and Calderon...

I don't even know. Whatever.

Gasol is clearly a better player than Bargnani and would give more production than Bargs/Calderon combined. But really, it's just "spinning your wheels". Gasol won't elevate the Raptors into any legit contender. For the next two years we're going to watch a mediocre at-best team where the "core" will still be Lowry and Valanciunas.

I wouldn't want any of Calderon, Bargnani or Gasol on the Raptors next year. I'd rather they let the young guys play and if you lose, so be it. This team was never allowed to fully rebuild after Bosh.

Sure, I'd be in favour of it but it really does little to change the long-term outlook of the Raptors.
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