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Default Re: Any RGIII fans in the house?

Originally Posted by highwhey
I'm a fan of both but i'd rather have cam newton. At 6'5 he's less prone to injury and he may not be as quick but he's elusive enough. Last night really sold me on him, avoided contact but got the yards and into the endzone too. Rg3 would worry me with injuries. Though he is a beast himself.

That cam newton commercial with the small kid asking him questions "so i can be drafted #1? You can become my back up? Become your mom's favorite player?, just loosening my arm"

I think I'm starting to lean more towards Newton too. At 6'5 250-260, he is just a statuesque powerhouse of a specimen. There were a couple of times when linemen had him wrapped up and just slid/melted off of him like butter.

Last night didn't have me completely sold on his passing since the Eagles pass defense is so weak, and he made a number of bad throws. But, there is definitely potential there.

I hope he becomes the face of the league and continues making those hilarious commercials. He could be like a black Peyton Manning. 6'5, charming and a big ole kid that could probably do well hosting SNL.
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