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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

well we agree on one point. we both hate howland. i really don't care if the SI article is or isn't true at this point in time, i just want him fired. unfortunately the story didn't get him fired, but it does look like this embarrassment of a season will.

as far as the recruits running the show... i wish. maybe ucla basketball would actually be fun to watch. it's still howland's unbearable offense. and you can add jordan adams to that list. he has stated many times it was his goal to be a one and done. sucks cause he's my fav of the recruits so far but whatever, doubt he'd stay when the new coaching staff is hired next year.

but can you elaborate on this
the recruiting class actually makes me hate him even more. the only reason these players (Shabazz, Anderson especially) went there is because they are likely one and dones if they have a great season

isn't that why all those top recruits go to kentucky.... cause they're one and dones and want to have a successful season... maybe i'm just not understanding what you're trying to say.
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