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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Life of Pi: 8/10- Look at that picture. I hadn't read the book, nor heard much about it. All I saw was the trailers and figured this was a survival tale where this boy befriends a tiger because they need each other to survive.

And if that's the story you want go watch another movie. This is a deep, confusing movie (also depressing, just to warn you) about faith, about life, and about coping. You really have to stick with it until the end and keep an open mind about it because a) It's a bit of an unreliable narrator just in that we don't know exactly how the story is unfolding whether they are direct flashbacks or just visual representation of the story he's telling. There are scenes that make NO SENSE when you watch them in context with the rest of the story (I'm sure they have other significance that a better viewer than me can pinpoint).

Visually? Stunning. From the bizarre sequences (mind boggling) to animal movement to epic action it's very good. And this is an epic tale. Well acted, well cut, from top to bottom this crew did a wonderful job and much kudos to Ang Lee.

Story wise, again, it's all very depressing. The novel maybe explains a bit more and I don't want to spoil it but if any of you see/have seen it I'd love for you to PM me cause I'd like your take on the ending, and on the overall theme.

I recommend this film, but you don't have to rush out to see it.
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