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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Here's the thing. Here's what sticks in my head most about this situation and something I haven't heard one single person on the local radio or any media guys talk about.

All rookie QB's hit a wall. All of them. There is always growing pain.

The problem is that it seems likely time wise that that could come at the worst possible time for this team.

This is a SB team. It would be a massive shame if they lost an opportunity because the QB they had going was struggling to find his footing after the league inevitably hits him in the mouth.

A couple things that make me feel better about it all: 1). This is just conjuncture. He will absolutely slow down but who knows when or how much? 2). Alex has come in in the past and saved games. He's quite clutch, so if they need to pull Kap in a playoff game I'm confident in Alex coming in.

But this is a massive gamble. You have a guy that statistically has been awesome this season, and you're replacing him with a guy that hasn't been that much more awesome (another thing that bugs me. The whole thing is oh he can do the vertical game, but he's only averaging about 1 YPA more than Smith and it's not going to remain that high. Smith is 4th in YPA. I understand the big play thing but my point is that it's not really a part of the offense) and who is not yet as reliable.

I just really hope it doesn't bite us. No one doubts that his upside far exceeds Alex's ability, but what I personally doubt is when he'll fall before he gets up.

At the moment though we have the best back-up situation in the game. And that is really nice.
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