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i don't think getting harrington is a good idea for the lakers. they have enough scorers with the addition of radmanovic. they can't use harrington in the triangel because he is not a high percentage outside shooter. what the lakers need is a rebounder,high percentage scorer in the inside and good defender like boozer. i don't know if this will be possible but they could trade smush,mihm and cook for boozer. sasha cannot be released by the lakers because he is a special friend of kobe. so this will be the line up/rotations:

C- brown C-boozer/bynum
PF- boozer PF-odom/turiaf
SF- radmonovich SF-radmonovich/walton
SG-kobe SG- kobe/evans
PG-odom PG-sasha/farmar

in defending quicker opponent's PG, kobe could shift to it.
making odom the PG makes him comfortable because he is effective when he is handling the ball.radmonovich will have more playing time because that is what the lakers promised to him. bynum will play minimal minutes unless a big man gets injured.

if they could not get boozer they should get marcus banks.PG rotation would be farmar,sasha and banks.

if they could not get any of the 2 then they should look for another impact player because if they don't, they might have a chance to advance to the conference finals but i sure do know that raja bell will again be laughing and whip kobe and the lakers with a healthy stoudemire in town...
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